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Muslim women wear abayas as part of their day-to-day outfits, especially in the Middle East. Aside from being stylish, abayas are also comfortable and convenient. In fact, one of the most popular abaya styles is the kimono abaya.

Similar to an Egyptian abaya and just as fab and stylish, kimono abayas are as versatile as can be. You can pair them with almost any kind of inner outfit whether you’re out running errands or simply lounging around with your friends. Wearing a kimono abaya adds a certain air of classiness and elegance no matter where you go, and with so many ways to wear it, getting inspiration for your next outfit is as easy as 1-2-3. [you may checkout arewacollections.com for modern abayas]

With the right fashion combo of versatile pieces in your wardrobe, you can totally rock the latest abaya trend in the world today. 

One of the best and easiest ways to wear the kimono abaya style is to keep it simple. Neutral colours like blacks, greys, beiges, and browns allow you to use your abayas in plenty of mix-and-match combinations, and most of the time, less is more (especially in modest fashion)! Abayas with versatile colours can be used for any type of occasion, from casual Fridays to formal evening events.